Short Description: HIV Prevention and Testing Project, Awards for People Living with HIV / AIDS

Supported: Since 2008

Objectives: To offer nutritional, medical and psychosocial AIDs support to the local residents especially the infected patients in six prefectures of Togo.

Budget: around 1,500 € per year

Contact in Action Five: Judith

Contact in Togo: Jean Apedoh


Project description:

The funding of project in Togo was initiated in 2008, by a former member Eva März who had spent 3 months in the NGO Graphe in Lomé, the capital of Togo. The program covers the prefectures Kpélé, Danyi, Agou, Amou, Haho and Kloto in Togo.

At first, the project members conducted the HIV screenings and provided training to the inhabitants. The project also produced 36 radio programs in the region which contributed to the public education of the HIV/AIDS knowledge. Later, the project began to offer further medical and psychosocial support to the HIV patients, including antiretroviral drugs (ARV), laboratory tests, therapeutic education and open wound treatment. In order to follow up, the project also provided consultation and home visits to the patients.

Malnutrition greatly heightens the vulnerability of the HIV patients, that’s why the Togo project also concerns the food production in the region. In order to address this need, beside of health care, the project works on self-sustainable agriculture in the community. It ensures the inhabitants to get sufficient amount of nutritional intake. The project supports them with rice cultivation, as well as other crop production such as peas, corns and soya beans. Food security was thus improved due to the intensification of food production.

In 2016, over 10,000 Euros were spent on the Togo project from multiple sources of funding. The project took care of 200 HIV patients with balanced diets, developed 15 hectares of lowland, and had trained 150 inhabitants for the ecological agriculture in the communities.